Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Rules for Training

This list of rules was allegedly posted by
O Sensei at the original Hombu dojo:

O Sensei's rules for training Aikido

1. Aikido decides life and death in a single strike, so students must carefully follow the instructor's teaching and not compete to see who is the strongest.

2. Aikido is the way that teaches how one can deal with several enemies. Students must train themselves to be alert not just to the front, but to all sides and the back.

3. Training should always be conducted in a pleasant and joyful atmosphere.

4. The instructor teaches only one small aspect of the art. Its versatile applications must be discovered by each student through incessant practice and training.

5. In daily practice first begin by moving your body and then progress to more intensive practice. Never force anything unnaturally or unreasonably. If this rule is followed, then even elderly people will not hurt themselves and they can train in a pleasant and joyful atmosphere.

6. The purpose of aikido is to train mind and body and to produce sincere, earnest people. Since all the techniques are to be transmitted person-to-person, do not randomly reveal them to others, for this might lead to their being used by hoodlums.

Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba's addendum to the rules
1. Proper aikido can never be mastered unless one strictly follows the instructor's teaching.

2. Aikido as a martial art is perfected by being alert to everything going on around us and leaving no vulnerable opening (suki).

3. Practice becomes joyful and pleasant once one has trained enough not to be bothered by pain.

4. Do not be satisfied by what is taught at the dojo. One must constantly digest, experiment and develop what one has learned.

5. One should never force things unnaturally or unreasonably in practice. One should undertake training suited to his body, physical condition and age.

6. The aim of aikido is to develop the truly human self. It should not be used to display ego.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba visting UK

This weekend brings the visit of Doshu (head of Hombu dojo, Japan see here for Doshu lineage). I know at least two from Airenjuku are attending, perhaps we can get a write up arranged.


Sunday, 13 June 2010

Morihiro Saito Sensei 9th dan Aikikai demonstration

Saito Sensei in quite an old demonstration of aikido principles with and without weapons.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Some quotes for your consideration.

“Even though you know principle, you must make yourself perfectly free in the use of technique.
And even though you may wield the sword that you carry with you well, if you are unclear on the deepest aspects of principle, you will likely fall short of proficiency.
Technique and principle are just like the two wheels of a cart.” 
Takuan Soho

“If your vision is narrow, your courage will be narrow. Always try to keep your thoughts universal.” Bukko

“The more you know yourself, the more clarity there is. Self-knowledge has no end – you don’t come to an achievement, you don’t come to a conclusion. It is an endless river.”
"I will give you a talisman. Whenever you are in doubt, or when the self becomes too much with you, apply the following test. Recall the face of the poorest and weakest man whom you have seen, and ask yourself if the step that you contemplate is going to be of any use to him. Will he gain anything by it? Will it restore him to a control over his own life and destiny? In other words, will it lead to swaraj (self rule) for the hungry and spiritually starving millions? Then you will find your doubts and yourself melting away."

If there is anything not yet studied, or studied but not yet understood, do not give up.
If there is any question not yet asked, or asked but it's answer not yet known, do not give up.
If there is anything not yet thought over, or thought over but not yet apprehended do not give up.
If there is anything not yet sifted, or sifted but not yet clear, do not give up.
If there is anything practised, or practised but not yet earnestly, do not give up.
If another succeeds by one effort, I will use one hundred efforts.
If another succeeds by ten efforts, I will use a thousand efforts.
If one really follows this course, though stupid, will surely become intelligent,
and though weak, will surely become strong.”
Doctrine of the Mean